Saturday, February 28, 2009

Say It Ain't So!

The winter is about over. It's mud season now, and the scenery is somewhat less than pleasing, but that's okay. Even though the ground is still mostly brown and the dead grass is yellow, the trees gray and leafless, things are starting to get that windswept, waking-up look about them. There are pools of icy water just off the sides of the road and the trees that stand in it look somehow like they just sprouted there, moments ago.
Plaintive bird calls echo through backyards. Today I saw a blazing red cardinal and heard him trumpeting his spring call; "Toooo-weeet! chew,chew,chew!"
The little black-capped Chickadee was singing; "See-mee, See-mee!"
Two turkey vultures found a thermal above our street and circled each other in an aerial ballet, gradually drifting upward toward the sun.
Snow drop and crocus stems are starting to poke up everywhere, through the cold, crusty mud. The sky this past week was a nearly forgotten shade of blue. The only remaining mounds of gray snow are hiding in the shaded areas that the sun never reaches. The rest has melted and evaporated away. Today, although the wind was high and brisk, the ground radiated warmth. Winter is over for all intents and purposes, so why...why...WHY are they saying we are going to get a foot of snow over the next two days....WHY!? I know why. It's because this is New England; land of the meteorological practical joke. Wake me when it's over please...


  1. Dear Deedee, I loved your descriptive narrative about the end of winter. In São Paulo winter is not so severe with snow as in Europe or in USA. I think that you must be anxious for summer. However, it is so cosy to sleep in the winter, isn´t it? If there is a foot of snow in the near days..relax and enjoy,
    Best wishes,

  2. Hey Deedee, autumn has arrived in Woodford! I love it.. enjoy your springtime (when it finally comes!)

  3. Morning Deedee, Im just of to work and your wonderful blog has made me chuckle. You have such a talent in descriptive writng. We have also been given a false hope of spring. I have just seen the forecast and another cold spell is due to reach us by tomorrow, but no snow. So I know how you must be feeling, I was also ready to welcome in the spring.
    Oh well must dash.
    Warm wishes to you and stay warm.
    Julie. X

  4. Deedee..........they are saying it is going to snow here as well!!! I mean WHAT??????
    I love in Georgia. This is the South. I'm not a snow kinda gal.
    WHAT????????? This is rubbish!!!
    (ewww.....thank goodness it's not a couple of feet of snow though....need me to send you an ice-pick and some warm soup?)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  5. the old saying about march coming in like a lion....make that the whole pride. its 10am sunday morning and a cold, windy day lies ahead. and then the snow.....charming, eh? spring in new england reminds me of climbing mount monadnock, theres that famous false top that tricks you into thinking your almost there.....and then you see the real destination mocking you from its lofty perch....we should be used to mother nature here in the northeast but it does seem to catch us by surprise, once again., bye 4 now, jc

  6. Rosana - You're right- I am anxious for summer. I'm a beach bum and I can't wait!

    miss*R - Autumn is beautiful too...enjoy!

    Julie - Sooner or later we'll get there! Hope March is warm for both of us!

    Reggie - I was watching the weather channel this morning and saw that Hot-Lanta was getting snow! You can take comfort in the thought that next week Georgia will probably be in the 70s!

    Jack - The whole darned pride is right! I am looking out the window and the ground is white again! Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7. It was so warm here in Vancouver today, people were outdoors in shorts and T-shirts. Last week it snowed. Very strange!

    I love chickadees. The ones here say "chickadee-dee-dee". *heh*

  8. Hi Jo - It was 64F here just a few days ago-heavenly. Our chickadees usually say that too, but when they get in a spring mood, they call "see-mee."
    Today they are probably in shock, as we have 9 inches of snow and it's still snowing! :(

  9. more stew, thats what i say...heehee. thanks for the meal, that was fun. hope you are enjoying some merlot right about now, jc

  10. Jack - How'd you know? Yes, It's excellent.

  11. End of winter? Talked with daughter Emily this morning, and she was excited to have a snow day off school in Beantown. Send some our way!

  12. I love the picture, he is so beautiful, and snow now? that suxs. I to am waiting for spring, having a few days here of early spring has been wonderful in the garden.

  13. There really is something crazy about this anticipation of Spring..this year, not a moment too soon! Sing along with Chickadee...

  14. We've been having weather in the 50's lately, our snow is all gone and the tulips are poking out so I would bet that any day now we will get a major snow dump. Never trust March weather.

  15. Hi Eco - If only I could, I'd send you all of it!

    Hi Smidgen - Can't wait to get my flowers in!

    Hi Lyn - Yes, it's been a long winter this year, it seems!

    Hi Jane! - You're so right- "Beware the ides of March" (and the 1st and 2nd of March, too!)