Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have We All Been Here Before?

Energy never dies, but is only transformed. What becomes of our energy once our physical bodies can no longer function? Is it on to a final rest after one single lifetime in the body, or do we take on a new shell, like spirit hermit crabs and graduate to a new level of education at schoolhouse Earth? I have to concede to the possibility that perhaps not only does our soul, our life-force, leave our bodies upon death, but it may enter a new body to further progress in our life lessons. One life just doesn’t seem like much time to attain all the wisdom there is in the universe. What if we get more than one chance at trying life on Earth? This seems like a reasonable possibility to me.
Some years ago I was invited to an evening of “past life regression” at the home of a friend. I always take these kind of things with a grain of salt, but I have a very open mind, and I thought it would be interesting.
A young woman with bunches of dark wavy hair and a long, purple, velour dress was holding court when I arrived, doing readings for people in small groups. She touted herself as a past life reader and promised to reveal to each of us, a past life persona.
The person she saw me as in my most recent life was a male. He was a dark, brooding, sort of menacing guy. His name was Jason, and he was a shaman or sorcerer of some kind. It didn't really sound like he was a nice person. She told me that my current life was all about regaining the power I had in that life, but channeling it toward good this time around.
As interesting as the tale of Jason was, I'd been a little disappointed not to hear about a life spent as an American Indian. For reasons I've never understood, I always been deeply interested in Native Americans. I've collected many books on subjects related to American Indians and their culture as well as some recordings of their music. As a child, I liked to play a game with friends that consisted of us living like natives in the woods and performing rituals with sticks, stones and water. Whenever games had a western theme, I would always be the Indian and never the cowgirl. The first pieces of jewelry I ever bought for myself were silver and turquoise made by a native artisan. I prefer them to diamonds.
I've also had a dream in which I am dressed in buckskin clothing and moccasins. In this dream, I'm running for my life across a desolate landscape. I trip and fall, and when I look up at my pursuer, he is raising a tomahawk over me. I've wondered whether this dream could be a traumatic memory of the end of a past life...or then again, maybe it's a just a dream?


  1. My Mother never dreamed of past lives but she did often dream things that shortly came true almost exactly as she dreamed them. She had waking moments like that also. The Catholic church did not approve!
    I've had a few, but my mom had them all the time.
    I don't think we reincarnate, but I also can't say anything for sure, can I?

  2. I was a Native American in a past life. Remember at the Pow Wow when a man we'd never met said "Hello, Skye.?" HOW did he know my name?

  3. Funny in an odd funny way - when I was a child I pretended I was a Native American, too. I spent my childhood in the woods and fields around my house, tracking animals and talking with the earth and trees and birds. Years and years later I learn that my father's great-great grandmother was a full blooded Chippewa. Perhaps your dream is an ancestral memory...

  4. I agree, energy does not cease to be. I believe with all my heart that we reincarnate. As a small child I just "knew" this and was very surprised when I learned not everyone else did. It could be ancestral memory. It could be that you are your own ancestor, for that matter. However, I don't believe every person who calls themself a "past life reader" truly is.

    And yes, I've had some interesting Native American "memories" myself.

  5. tiny, now we all know your name.....heehee. yes i do believe souls, energy, whatever do leave our body upon dying then head straight, well sometimes...., to the newborn. thats why things are always vaguely familar, you just can't put your finger on it but you know, just know that maybe you lived somewhere before or have memories of things that you should not have. my relatives first came to america in the 1640's so i'm pretty sure we mingled with the locals.....bye 4 now, jc

  6. Hi Mary - I am Catholic too. You're right, the members of the hierarchy don't approve of this theory, but I believe in freedom of thought, rather than blind obedience and dogma. I think your mom may have the gift of precognition!

    Hi Tiny - Yes, I remember that well. It was VERY strange!

    Hi Pauline - Yes, maybe it is ancestral. As far as I know all of my ancestors are Irish and Portuguese, but you just never know.

    Hi Linda - Yes, I've read accounts of very small kids who seem to have in depth knowledge of previous lives. I agree that not everyone who claims to have abilities like that are genuine.

    Hi Jack - Yes, sometimes you just feel like you've been somewhere before, but you know you haven't-at least not in this lifetime!

  7. Hi Deedee, yes, I agree with you and feel it to be true in my very being, heart and mind. Have you read 'Many Lives, Many Masters' by Dr. Brian Weiss? Well worth the detour! Warm wishes to you, Vxx

  8. Now this topic is my cup of tea. I believe in the recycling of our souls because of "bad" Karma. Get rid of the ego, the nasty bits... Nirvana here I come. I keep saying to myself or the rulers of the Universe, "I'm not coming back"!!!

  9. Hi Veronica- That title sounds SO familiar - I actually think I may have read that years ago- I'll have to look it up again!

    Hi Lyn - Yes, karma! It make so much sense, doesn't it? I myself may be coming back a few more times though! Heheh!

  10. Sounds like the reading may have been done by a quack. I so believe in life after death and reincarnation. There is so much available on the topic on line that its just mind blowing. There are a few sights I can share with you if you like. Not sure if you into reading or psychic's but I enjoy them myself. If you feel a strong feeling and connection the chances ARE is that you were in one of your past life's a Indian.