Friday, February 6, 2009

Why Does He Cry?

We set up the trap near the dumpster that night and waited for the first catch. One of the kittens seemed more curious(or hungry)than the rest. It didn't take long before we had Cat Boy in the box! Next, his sister Shy, the calico fluff-ball was lured in too. We agreed to start with these two and once we had them safely in a new home, we'd come back for the rest. It turned out to be more difficult than we imagined, though. The shelter was full at the time and in any case, the cats would have to be quarantined and observed for at least 6 weeks to be sure they didn't show any signs of rabies. We kept them in a big plastic kennel carrier equipped with food, water and a blanket on my sister's porch until we could figure out what to do.
After a few days, we decided to see what would happen if we let them out of the carrier into the enclosed porch area. What transpired next was like something you'd only imagine seeing on a cartoon! Cat Boy literally ran straight up the wall to the ceiling, screaming in terror! He bounced around from wall to window screen like a pinball for several minutes before I threw a soft towel over him, and wearing thick leather gloves, got him back into the carrier. Coming out was not a option at all for his sister...she was rolled tightly into a black, white and bright orange ball at the back of the box and wasn't budging.
In about a weeks' time we came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was adopt them ourselves. My sister and her husband chose to keep Shy and I chose Cat Boy. In due time, after many wormings, shots, and a few baths they were welcomed into our respective homes. I think they both spent about two or three weeks hiding under beds for ninety percent of each day before they were able to conquer their fear of us.
We don't know what became of the mother cat. Eventually, we also captured and tamed Jet, one of the tuxedo twins. He was quarantined in our barn and eventually was placed in a happy home through the shelter. Funny Face was found to have a festering wound on her face and the shelter's vet made the decision that she should be put down. We never did get the remaining tuxedo cat, but I have seen a cat that looks very much like him around the neighborhood for years. It is my hope that he was adopted too. Shy and Cat Boy continue to thrive.
There is one funny thing that always reminds me of those days. Whenever I do laundry, Cat Boy comes running from wherever he is and jumps up on the washer as soon as he hears me turn it on. He sits on top and peers down into the open machine as the water fills. After a moment, he starts to cry loudly. He has a cry that sounds almost like a baby. When he really gets going, it sounds like he's yodeling. It took a while before I realized that the sound he is hearing is very similar to the sound of the water running into that storm drain next to the dumpster where he was born. I think that some part of him may remember that time. It's very hard not to believe it is emotion I hear in his voice at these times. Maybe he misses his brothers and sisters, or he is crying for his mother. Maybe he is mourning a lost time when he was a wild cat boy.


  1. saving the kittens was a very nice act. does your sister still have hers?.jc

  2. Oh yes, she does! She is a beautiful bright orange, black and white long-hair. I take care of her when they go away. She's a peach. It was a really good experience overall- CatBoy is a great glad we have them.

  3. Cat boy is a feisty one! heh..great post Deedee.
    Say, do you like dogs too?

  4. What a sweet story! Did Shy & CatBoy socialize well and get comfortable around humans? I saved some kittens from under a porch (it was like sticking my arm into a buzz saw to fetch them out)once upon a time after MotherCat was killed by a car--most became barn cats but Grandma adopted ButtonCat who was a one-person Puddy--very loyal & loving to Gram, but a ghost if anyone else was in the house.

  5. Hi Clay! Yes, I love all creatures, great and small (even mice and snakes! Even bugs don't bug me, although I steer clear of spiders since I bitten once.) Check out my dog Rigby -there's a post and picture of her a few weeks ago...

    Hi Jan! Yes, they are both excellent pets, but still hide from strangers. Thank you for checking out my blog!

  6. Hi DeeDee,
    As I was reading the story, Shy came over to the computer and started purring and rubbing her face on it. She always knows when I'm thinking about her!

  7. I have a black cat who was ferral, she still has a wild look in her eye at times, your cat boy sounds very similar.