Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's So Good About It?

To say that I am not a morning person would be an understatement. The very thought of actually getting up and moving around before the sun has come up makes me slightly nauseous. My husband Mac's battered old clock-radio springs to life at five thirty in the AM (after experiencing an awful barrage of loud metal music as my first sensory perception at that already rude time of day, I convinced him to at least set the dial to a classical station). He springs to life right along with it. He is up early to prepare for his job which consists of carpentry and roofing. After shrugging purposefully into his layers of thermal, flannel and sweatshirts, bumping into the bed and jarring me awake again numerous times while doing so, he sallies forth into the day without so much as a yawn or a groan. There is much coffee drinking and truck loading to do before he can head out for the day.
I, on the other hand, pull the covers up over my head and try to shut out the sounds of the house and the light that filters in through the window blinds.
If possible, I try to stay in bed until everyone has gone and the house is empty, no one home except Rigby, the cats and me. This has become a lot easier since I was cut adrift from my job. After all these years of living with three other people and only one bathroom, I know better than to think it might be free if more than two of us are home and up. If it's a rainy or frigid day and Mac is still home when I rise, the kitchen dance begins. We dodge and weave around each other as we both try to get to the coffee pot and into the cabinets or the fridge, much to my aggravation.
I'm actually a really nice person, except in the early morning. I love my family to pieces, but I'm pretty cranky first thing in the morning. I need about a hour to get my wits about me. Thankfully, my husband is pretty easy going and doesn't get offended. Yesterday he was laughing at me. He said that when I get up in the morning I'm like a bear coming out of hibernation; grumpy and dangerous. To that I said: Grrrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. i'm sort of like that myself. and i'm also a little like mac, if thats possible. i do jump out of bed and fire up the coffee and wolf down some toast but i prefer not to bump into anybody else. its my quiet time. to read the daily news and savor the moment. work comes all too soon. i'm actually fairly civil first thing. i don't know why or if i always have been that way. but i am with you on the hard rock so early in the morn, or anytime for that matter. of course classical music would put me back to sleep. i don't use an alarm clock to waken me , i rely on some inner timer. it seems to work okay....jc

  2. Oh Deedee, you made me laugh with appreciation and empathy with your comment 'Grrrrr!!' - absolutely! But my poor little hens would not be too happy being stuck in their little 'palace' without fresh food or water, so there's little choice in the matter for me I'm sorry to say... I do occasionally think about sending them on a little holiday somewhere nice so that I can sleep in a bit longer... Ha! Vxx

  3. You are too funny Deedee. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh :).
    You're awesome!
    Take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. Hi Jack - Mac has just recently changed to using his cell phone, which has a nice soft little tune set for the alarm - much better!

    Hi Veronica - I would love to have some chickens. You must post some pictures of them, and tell a few chicken stories soon!

    Hi Reggie - You are more than welcome! I loved the photos you posted today, especially "Brother Love's" rig! Steady on to you!

  5. "There is much coffee drinking and truck loading to do before he can head out for the day."--Same here Deedee--On the road again! I have a surprise for you this next Wednesday, if all goes well.

  6. Dear Deedee, I laughed very much when I read about "a bear come out of hibernation.". Although I would like, I am not a morning woman, when I have to teach in the morning it is seems that all morning it is a "slow motion film". Terrible! However, my homeopatic doctor told me many years ago that each person has his/her style and I should accept mine. Great post!
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Deedee, thank you so much for leaving me a lovely comment. As you can probably see I'm quite new to this addiction. I can't wait to get on the laptop when I get in, its my fix for the day. You say we look alike, well I'm sure we think alike too! I have just read a few of your recent blogs and its like reading about myself.I love your sense of humour, it's what keeps us going. I,m now one of your followers (Oh dear thats sounds abit cultish Sorry!)LOL, and look forward to hearing about your ramblings etc. Best wishes.

  8. Grrrr... a perfect description.

    I like to be up and around in the early morning - I just don't like to be fully awake.

  9. Clay - I will be sure to visit your blog on Weds. Those hazy pictures were a great compliment to the Liv story!

    Rosana - I know the slow motion feeling well!

    Jules - I too am new to this, having just started this past January. I'm so glad you came by! Welcome.

    Pauline- Exactly- It's not so much that I mind being up, just don't make me talk or interact! haha!

  10. Hi Deedee!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments.
    I am also definitely not a morning person! ;)

  11. Very nicely done! I am like you. I do not talk to anyone until after the double cappucino sets in. And then I keep it short. But I am fun afternoon about 10:30am.