Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Catbird Heaven

Summer has come to our corner of New England. We are lucky enough to have full access to almost one acre of green lawn, which Mac maintains. This yard is ringed with trees and bushes, many of which, we have planted ourselves, over the twenty nine years we've resided here. It is a haven for song birds, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, wild turkeys and even the occasional deer and coyote.

I call the yard; "Catbird Heaven", because we have several Gray Catbirds that live in the bushes at the margins of the yard. On a sunny day, the air is filled with the sounds of their mewing, whistling and chattering. The musical, sing-song calls, that they intersperse with harsh, raspy, squeaking phrases can be heard all summer long in the little green world just outside our door.

Now, in early June, tiny, white, wild roses are sprawling over the raspberry bushes and small evergreen trees at the edges of the yard. Bittersweet vines wrap around poplars, as they climb toward the sun and Virginia creeper crawls over the field grass. Tiny, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, the smallest birds in these parts, except for the Ruby-throated hummingbird, ply the grass for insects. Male Cardinals and Robins battle for turf rights. American Goldfinches soar and dip on their flight paths over the yard, from the bird bath to the top of a maple tree. A pair of Garter snakes bask in the early morning sunlight near the barn doorstep, before starting off on their daily hunt. Chipmunks scurry from rock to garden, trying to avoid the gaze of my dog Rigby, as she surveys the landscape.

It's just another day in paradise...just a sunny Tuesday here in Catbird Heaven.


  1. Your yard is way better, but I did bring a lovely violet velvet iris in from the yard that I am enjoying...glad you are having some paradise.

  2. I'm in New England too. Isn't it amazing how from summer to winter, the landscape really changes into completely different, amazing universes of their own? Your yard sounds beautiful!

  3. sitting outside, listening to nature, it doesn't get any better. you are lucky to have this little slice of paradise. take good care, jack c

  4. Lovely post, i could imagine myself sitting in your yard :-)

  5. Hi Deedee,
    Sounds like paradise to me. I love the chatter of nature.

  6. Love the Catbird, and miss them dearly--it was always a surprise to hear them imitating other birds, cats, kid noises, lawnmowers, or just going off on Herbie Catbird jazz.

  7. What an enticing picture you paint Deedee! I'd love to see it but reading your post is a pretty good second best! With hugs to you, Vxx

  8. What a lovely picture you paint..many thanks from this city girl..you take me to the nature I miss!

  9. Hi Deedee

    Oh my word, sounds like you have amazing wildlife in your yard. I wish I could be there with you. I just love birds and sit everyday in our garden just listening to their beautiful songs.
    I hope you are well my friend.
    I will call back soon. Life is rather hectic at the moment.
    Until then. Take Care.
    Love Juliex

  10. Great visuals from your description! You are a song bird in the blogoshere, my dear!

  11. Sounds delightful - with delightful sounds!

  12. Sounds like heaven for everyone, not just the Catbirds. :D Coming from the U.K., I haven't heard of Catbirds but they sound like our Starlings. They imitate sounds too and it's funny when they copy the ringtones on peoples' mobile phones!

    Your garden sounds fabulous. I'd most love to see the hummingbirds as we don't have them here.

  13. Sounds very chirpy, in a very nice way! Lovely!

  14. I'm in Minnesota, and I don't think we have catbirds here...

    Your place sounds wonderful. Enjoyed your post!


  15. Hi Deedee, what a lovely post about the cat birds. We don't have them in our area of the world, but it made me remember them from my childhood in NJ and how much I used to love their song too! Just reading about all the birds that you have there in New England, it must be a real bird-watchers paradise. I will have to look up that tiny ruby crowned Kinglet. I don't think I know that one. As for the chipmunks, I think they have to be one of the cutest creations of God in the animal world!! Those we do have here, and I love to see them, WHEN I can catch a glimpse of them. They also are one of the fastest moving critters ever! :-) Have a good weekend, Debby

  16. Your place sounds so peaceful Deedee :)
    I love the birds that come around my yard. Not many critters though.....my four wild dogs scare them all off!!

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  17. Though my backyard is often far from paradise
    Sill the birds come & sing
    Catbirds included

    Comical & playful they compete with the Mocking birds for the most creative song