Saturday, June 13, 2009

Goin' Down City

My sister, her husband, my little niece and I are heading south to the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island today for the DownCity Art Festival. It's a gorgeous, sunny day with temps hovering around 78F, and it should be a really good time. I am looking forward to seeing all the crafts, paintings and jewelry that will be on display, and of course, the people watching will be spectacular.

After the art festival, we'll find a good restaurant and have dinner before heading down to the river. There will be another Waterfire lighting this evening, so we plan to make that scene at sunset.

We have heard there will be a fire juggler tonight. Once last season the braziers were lit by this hunky guy with long hair, dressed only in black harem pants. He walked along the granite, swinging two flaming lamps around, lighting each basket with them; it is a sight to see.

Hope you all are getting out there and enjoying the weekend!


  1. I'm working all weekend, but don't mind me have a good time :-)

  2. Hi Deedee,
    Have a wonderful time with your family. It sounds like just the thing to start of the summer. I would love to see the Waterfire lighting. You'll have to tell us all about it.

  3. Sitting here and hoping that you are having a wonderful time at the festival!! Ohhh, Providence, RI, I just love that area. It has been a while since I was last there, but I was thrilled one year when we flew home and I was able to show RI to my hubby and kids. They loved it! Enjoy your time there. Hoping life is treating you good (sounds like it with a nice trip like this one planned!!). Tell us all about it in one of your next posts. Debby

  4. i hear woonsocket is nice this time of year too.....heehee. hope you had a great time, take good care, jc

  5. Dear Deedee, have a very nice time! And a very nice week!
    Best wishes,

  6. Fire juggling, who could resist that? Was it all as great as it sounds?