Friday, June 19, 2009

Art in Beautiful Downcity Providence

I can't believe another week has screamed by! It truly seems like time is flying. I've been busy with my stepped-up job search, renovations in our apartment and sadly, caring for an injured cat. I will write a post about that shortly, but first; I have some photos of beautiful Providence, Rhode Island taken last weekend at the Downcity Art Festival that I want to share with you.

Here we are at the Downcity Art Festival on Westminster Street.

Gorgeous glass pendants

The city's resident hawk.
(We actually saw the hawk hunting pigeons later that day as we walked to a restaurant. He lives on top of one of the high buildings!)

Assorted paintings

Baubles and whatnot

Lovely stained glass pieces

Some funky furniture!

Cute Baby shoes

Colorful handmade clutches

The Balloon Lady

A happy balloon recipient!

Above it all

There is some beautiful old architecture in Providence. I'll feature more photos of it in an upcoming post. Hope you enjoyed coming "Downcity" with me.


  1. Thanks. That was fun. I was transported.


  2. Hi Deedee,
    I love an art festival. So glad you would take me along. I saw some things I would have come home with. Those baby shoes were so cute. The little purses too. Providence is such a lovely city. It will be fun to have you show us around. Thank you for your visits to my place and the sweet messages you leave me. Makes my day.

  3. That looks like it was a fun festival to wander through...have not been to Providence for some time, but always enjoyed Rhode Island when we visited.

  4. Had a lovely time, strolling with you!


  5. So good to get glimpse's into someone else's daily life. Very, very different from where I am in the Scottish Highlands! I hope you search for work is successful.

  6. A great post, thanks Deedee. (Not sure I'd want one of those crying women hanging on my wall,though.)

  7. it looks beautiful, thanks for the tour. it also shows what a city can be and why they are important. take care, jc

  8. I really like the style of this picture entry.
    I think I want to BE a balloon lady. I could really see one of those tables in my place.
    So sorry about the cat.

  9. Omigosh, that looks wonnnnnnderful. I love, love, love the stained glass pieces. I have always wanted to visit Providence, so thank you for the tour.

    And good luck with your job search. I think about you often, and wonder how you are doing. Some organization would be very lucky to get you.

  10. Dear Deedee, thanks for the nice photos and for sharing with us! Have a very nice week,
    Best wishes,

  11. What great photos, makes me feel as if I had been to the festival too! Love the hawk pictures and how cool that you got to actually see the real hawk! I really am in love with those stained glass pieces, I just love stained glass. I always wanted a front house door made of stained glass, may be one of these days. We actually have a woman who has a studio here in town and she has the loveliest pieces. One of these days when I make lots of money I will go over there and buy some of her things, they are so gorgous! thanks so much for posting these fantastic photos. It sure looks like you had a great time!! happy sunday, Debby

  12. What diversity..thanks for taking us along..and prayers for kitty..hope all is well!

  13. Oh DeeDee thank you! I am just salivating - I adore art fairs in the summer! I never miss that opportunity to get inspired - your photos were delicious!

  14. So Glad you all enjoyed ths post! I look forward to all your thoughts and comments-they make my day!

  15. Hello - nice post - thanks for writing about my hawk photography -- those are actually photographs printed on canvas, not paintings. You can see my complete hawk series online here:
    thanks again!