Monday, March 16, 2009

What Happened In Aurora?

I’m fascinated by anything that can’t be explained by conventional knowledge. It’s sort of terrifying, but yet thrilling to think that there is so much that even our best minds don’t understand about our universe. Our human race has made so much progress in such a relatively brief span of time since the advent of mankind on earth. Yet, there are still so many aspects of our existence that are completely out of our control. We have figured out how to split atoms and build satellites, but we are still impacted by odd events that defy our puny logic.
Take for example, an incident that took place on April 17th, 1897 in the town of Aurora, Texas. The History Channel recently ran an episode of their excellent, documentary style show, UFO Hunters which focused on the incident. This account tells of one of the earliest UFO cases ever recorded in the USA.
At approximately 6:00 am that day, something plummeted out of the dawn sky over a ranch and smashed into a windmill, shattering it and casting metal debris over a wide area. It was reported that a strange, cigar-shaped “airship” had crashed that morning. What’s more, residents drawn to the site by the collision claimed to have found a small body in the wreckage. It was said that the townsfolk brought the strange little corpse to the Aurora Cemetary and buried it there, beneath a huge live oak, said to be over two hundred years old. The investigators found that the enormous tree reacts strongly to a metal detector moved vertically up its trunk. For nearly eighty years, a small, rough-cut stone served as a marker for the spot where the little alien was allegedly buried. The only thing engraved in the rock was thin oval shape, dotted along its horizontal length with circles, resembling a cigar-shaped craft with porthole style windows. Although there are photographs of the makeshift headstone, it disappeared in the early 1970s, presumably stolen.
The debris from the destroyed craft was rumored to have been dumped in a nearby well belonging to the Oates family. Although an attempted search of the well didn’t turn up any significant pieces of metal, the water was found to have an abnormally high aluminum content which could not be explained, and the family had suffered for generations, from health problems that had been attributed to tainted water from that same well.
I always try to maintain a skeptical, yet open mind about this type of thing. Those who refuse to even acknowledge the possibility that our planet may have been visited by extra-terrestrials will, no doubt, try to find rational, mundane answers to explain away this story and thereby protect their mental comfort zones. The fact that this incident took place 6 years before the airplane was invented may make that a little more difficult.


  1. I don't know. I don't refuse to acknowledge much, but some of it, upon closer inspection, doesn't seem all that extra-terrestrial. I don't mean this, since I'd heard of it but never looked into it, but other things I did study more, too many holes.

    I researched those Nazi Ufos. Pretty much Schauberger's designs were disk-shaped & the photos of turned out to be touched up to look like they had Luftwaffe insignia on them and passed along as, SURPRISE, flying saucers!

    Or the Rendlesham incident in Britain..the weird lights turned out to be from a nearby lighthouse. They chased all the scary lights thru the woods and came upon a lighthouse, but didn't say that then. Some of the landing marks turned out to be rabbit holes LOL.

    Hey, it could be, but I suspect any self-respecting alien who saw the way we've screwed things up around here would stay away. ~Mary

  2. aurora, roswell and i'm sure other places have had these strange incidents occur over the years and while most explanations seem a bit dubious the fact that the goverment goes to great lengths to deny everything makes you wonder....jc

  3. The best stories are those that leave you wanting more. It's a mystery to me ...

  4. well you know what they say, out of every great story comes some truth.

  5. Someone once said "there are more things on heaven and earth..."

  6. From pre-history on, there have seemingly been chronicles of odd visitations. To go only to the "rational" for explanations is to count on limited points of view.
    There is a mythology surrounding so many of these stories..folk tales that may have a grain of truth to them....
    Thank you so much for this post...

  7. I've always found things like this fascinating. Interesting post!

  8. Well, this was 6 years before a plane that worked, so maybe it was one of man's first failed attempts to fly?

    I don't know but it definitely does make you wonder.

    I do feel a little tinge of disappointment to think that an advanced race still uses materials to construct their spacecraft that can have a detrimental effect on living organisms as it deteriorates.
    I guess they can't think of everything...

    By the way.
    I think you use commas and hyphens like a pro.

  9. Fascinating - I love things that cannot be explained

  10. Deedee.........what an interesting and engaging story. I hope that you will do more????
    Take good care and........

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. Hi Mary - Ha! Excellent points!

    Hi Jack - Yes, that certainly does make one wonder!

    Hi Country Dreaming - I agree-can't get enough of the strange and unknown.

    Hi Smidgen - I tend to think there really is some truth in every myth or legend.

    Hi Loz - Yes, It's so true! I think it was Shakespeare from Julius Ceasar maybe?

    Hi Lyn - Exactly. I completely agree.

    Hi Suzen - Thank you!

    Hi Joe - Thanks for your kind words, and welcome!

    Hi JC - Yes, the unexplained is so intriguing!

    Hi Reggie - Thank you! Yes, weird things are some of my favorite subjects.