Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I am enthralled by nature. I'm interested in all living things. The plants and animals we share our world with are an endless source of fascination and gratification for me. For me, the natural world is a perfect and sublime miracle constantly unfolding around us.
Something that will always grab my attention instantly is a television show, book or article on cryptozoology. The dictionary defines cryptozoology as: “the study of evidence tending to substantiate the existence of, or the search for, creatures whose reported existence is unproved”.
Do we know everything about all the beings that we share the planet with? As over-populated as our planet has become, there are still vast areas of wilderness where humans rarely venture. Is it possible that deep woods, mountains and deserts hide animals that have not been officially documented? What if some of the creatures that we think of as myths or legends actually exist on the outskirts of our civilizations?
Recently, I've been reading and watching a lot of programs concerning these mythical animals. Two of the "monsters" I've been focused on lately are the "Mothman" of West Virginia, and the "New Jersey Devil" rumoured to dwell in that state's Pine Barrens. It occurred to me recently that descriptions of these two separate phenomena are strikingly similar. Consider that the "Mothman" has been described by eyewitnesses as: "...having the glowing red eyes of a large animal, and a body shaped like a man, but bigger, maybe six and a half or seven feet tall, with big wings folded against its back", while the Jersey Devil is described by a Wikipedia entry as having; "...a long neck, wings and hooves. The creature is often said to have a horselike head and tail. Its' reputed height varies from about three feet to more than seven feet. Many sightings report the creature to have glowing red eyes that can paralyze a man, and that it utters a high pitch(sound)". These are pretty similar descriptions if you ask me.
Last night I stumbled upon a television program focused on another cryptid, supposedly observed in England, known as the "Owl Man." Although the show itself was a laughably amateurish, poorly slapped together production that reminded me of a cheaper, hokier version of "Blair Witch Project"(If that's even possible), some quick research online today revealed that this giant, owl type critter has actually been reported by various witnesses in the Cornwall area several times, starting in 1926, and continuing to the present day. Apparently this bird-like creature is also roughly the size of a man, with: "...pointed ears and red eyes...the creature flew up into the air, revealing black pincer-like claws. "All of these reports share a few commonalities; namely the red, glowing eyes, the large wingspan and a height of roughly four to seven feet.
So what the heck is going on here? Are all these people hallucinating? Is this some kind of silly hoax that has been passed down through the generations, or are these actual animals leftover from prehistoric times? Some believe that they may be an alien life-form from another planet. As the name "Jersey Devil" suggests, there are those who think it may be just that... a demon. Or, could it possibly be that there are simply animals living alongside us that have not been discovered?


  1. its amazing what people ''see''. bigfoot, loch ness, mothman or the nj devil, the list is endless. i'm a bit skeptical, i'd like to see some hard evidence, not some blurry picture or grainy video. how about a body? these things do die eventually, but they are never found. i watch the same shows and they do cause wonder. but it is hard to believe....jc

  2. "Is it possible that deep woods, mountains and deserts hide animals that have not been officially documented?"

    Absolutely Deedee! Sterling point--When I was a young man, I wanted to be a naturalist to the fullest extent. There are so many wondrous things that have yet to be discovered by ardent explorers. Splendid.

  3. I agree. New species are being discovered all the time. So many people have seen the Sasquatch here in the Pacific Northwest, how can anyone discount it?

  4. Okay, you're creeping me out.

  5. Jack - ...or maybe they DON'T die!! Muahahahahah!

    Clay - Who is to say that dragons and gryphons didn't actually roam the countrysides? No one knows for certain! I'm sure there are many dinosaurs we don't know about simply because no remains have been found as yet.

    Jo - Yes! Bigfoot is something I have always found fascinating! Maybe someday we will know all about them.

    Jane - Me too! I'm hoping never to meet one on a dark street, that's for sure.

  6. ok so they don't die? but i don't think they live either, not around here....heehee, jc

  7. Maybe every legend is true, sometimes...interesting visitors appear and disappear in a split second..

  8. Lyn - yes, maybe it's a dimensional thing- they might exist in some parallel universe for all we know.

  9. Deedee, I was so thrilled to see that you had been by my blog for a visit and left comment, so I thought I would come on over and see who is behind Deedee, Cut Adrift! And i was fascinated by your post. How perfect as the first post of yours that I read, for it to be about the Jersey Devil and other such beings. I am a Jersey gal, and did you know that NJ is the ONLY state to have an official demon, namely the Jersey Devil! It has never been proved that it does not exist, but neither has it been proven that it does. Very interesting! If you have ever been to the Pine barrens, you would know why such a creation could be believed to live there, it does have quite an eerie look and feel to the place, which by the way is also unique only to NJ. I LOVE the pine barrens, and when I travel home for visits that is one of the first places that I want to go. There is no place like it!!

    I will take some time and go back and read some of your previous posts, so far, I like what I see, I like the way you write!

  10. Deedee.........Prince forces me to watch shows about crytpzoology all the time!! Chabracubra and all.....whatever!!
    I don't get it??? We live by the woods. Why would I want to think there are goat sucker's out there waiting to come get me one night while I sit by the pool in the moonlight. I've just now made it to midlife and just don't want to give it all up to Jersey Demons and Yeti's and such, though I would like to witness an exorcism. Does that make me weird? Well......not weird but a little wonky, lol? I don't care!! Nothing wrong with being a little wonky, no?
    Take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  11. Hi Deedee, well I rather think it would be great if there were some extra-ordinary beings out there... how amazing would that be to think that they manage to exist and survive in their own universe. Mind you, I take Reggie Girl's point about not actually wanting to be a part and parcel of their dietary regime... Good post Deedee! warm wishes, Vxx

  12. Pink Bird house - How interesting that you are from Jersey and have been to the Barrens! Someday I may get there-it's not too far away. Thank you for coming by!

    Hi Reggie - Prince and I would get along great. My husband Mac scans the TV guide for me looking for shows about cryptozoology, bigfoot and UFO's for me. I'd be more scared by the exorcism!

    Hi Veronica -Yes!I'd like to see one on film or from a distance, not close up, though!