Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let the Dream Never Die

Why is it that I feel such a loss today? It is because those of us in the working class of America have lost a champion: Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It is because I’ve always felt an affinity to the Kennedy family, being born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts of Irish, Catholic stock. Maybe it is also because I grew up with his family. I have never known a world without the Kennedy brothers in it.

Now that the “Lion of the Senate” has passed on, who will be there for the rest of us…the disenfranchised: the elderly, minorities, women, children, the disabled, the mentally ill, the working poor? Who will fight the good fight for us in the senate? Who will be our knight in the war for equal rights and quality, affordable health care? Who will be thinking about the day to day cares of the working families of America, while walking the hallowed halls of Washington? Who will stand up for affordable housing and quality education for every American? Who will fight to be sure our troops have the equipment they need? Who will stand up for the common man and woman?

There are those who will choose to recall the dark chapters of his life. Some will mention the assassinations of his brothers, John and Bobby. Others will bring up Chappaquiddick, his failed first marriage or his other scandals and indiscretions, his human failings. Some will choose to remember these things.

But I remember this: He was raised in a rarified atmosphere of privilege and plenty. He could have lived a life of quiet comfort and opulence. Instead, he chose a life of service. He devoted himself to fighting for the rights of those less fortunate. For that, I will always be thankful.

Let the dream never die.


  1. Very well said! I agree.

    The dream lives on.
    And it's ours to bring to reality.

  2. A sad day indeed! You've no idea how many times I wondered what would be different in this world had his brothers lived! Truly this is the end of an era.

  3. As an overseas observer who's sympathy lies with the Democratic Party I couldn't agree more with what you have said. It will take a brave person to try and follow him because there was a wonderful irony in the fact that, as you have pointed out, he had the independence provided by being from a family which was so strong in its privileged position that he could do what he did.

  4. One of the best pieces I've read on the passing of the Senator. Thanks for putting your ponderings on "paper."

  5. Very well done, Deedee..he was in the Senate longer than the ages of his two slain brothers, to great and enduring effect. The Kennedys aren't over yet...and the people are pouring out their gratitude.