Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Time of Transition

The hot, humid days seem to be past us now here in the northeast U.S. and Fall is fast approaching.
This is and has always been a time of transition for me, never more than this year. Within the past couple of weeks, my daughter has moved away from home into the city, and I have started a new job.

Yes, my youngest is all grown up now. Mac and I helped her move into a fourth floor walk-up in Boston, something I don't recommend if you have a weak back. It was quite a trick getting her bed, dresser, desk and a futon up a rickety, creaking staircase in the 90 degree heat and high humidity. To add to the indignity of it all, I came out and found a forty dollar parking ticket on my car for parking next to her building (resident parking only - how ironic).

Last week my girl had her first solo business trip, and she handled it like an old pro, booking a last minute flight and hotel, and renting a car to drive around Washington D.C., Baltimore and Virginia, all on her own. We are very proud that she has grown into a capable and independent woman. Our nest is not empty though. My son who is a few years older still resides with us. Despite having a degree in computer-aided drafting and being a talented artist, he has only been able to find retail jobs which don't pay enough to enable him to get his own place, which he would dearly love to do. So he and Rigby, and the two cats keep our place from being lonely.

As for me, I have been thrust back into the world of 9 to 5, planning what to wear, racing around trying to get ready in the morning, multi-tasking and scrambling to get all my work done, wolfing lunch at my desk while answering phones, and responding to a booming voice constantly summoning me. I've been teaching myself to use new software programs and do new things with old ones. So far, I really like it.

The one draw-back is that I have discovered I was actually bringing in more income while home on unemployment. This is due to the fact that President Obama's economic recovery act was paying 65 percent of my health care insurance while I was out of work, and the governor's medical security plan was picking up the rest. Now that I have taken a 25 percent pay cut in this new position, and again have to pay half of my own insurance premiums, I am making substantially less than when I was on permanent vacation. Something wrong with that picture, eh?(Please, can we have real health insurance reform now?...please?)

Then last week, another complication arose. Back in May I applied for a state job. Since months had passed and I hadn't heard anything, I assumed they had long since hired someone else for the job. I guess I underestimated the plodding pace of state agencies, because a few days after I started my new job as Executive Assistant to the President of my current company, I got the call; they wanted to interview me.

To make a long story short, I went for the interview and although I felt like it went well, I think they must be considering a lot of other people for the job, many of whom are probably much more qualified than I am. I went to a vocational post-secondary school instead of college and earned a hairdressing operator's license, not a degree. I believe my personality and a lot of luck earned me my past two jobs in administration. Although eighteen years of experience must be good for something, I wouldn't be surprised if I am not one of those being seriously considered for the post.

In any case, it could be a long time before I hear anything from them, being that it is a state job. If I do hear from them, that will open a whole new can of worms for Deedee. Stay tuned, my friends!


  1. Its the same onthis side of the pond. Sometimes people are better off on state benifits than working - something VERY wrong with that!

  2. Firstly can I say that this is one of the most autumn evocative photos I can recall seeing.

    When I was responsible for recruiting administration staff (in the public sector) I was often criticised for placing experience and common sense before academic qualifications with no common sense. I never cease to be amazed by the number of extremely intelligent people I know who have not one iota of common sense. In an emergency or stressful situation give me common sense every time.

  3. It's a good thing that money doesn't make all our decisions for us. Intangibles count... but so does money. (I will lose about 60% of my Social Security benefits because I left industry and became a teacher. Teachers have their own pension plan... The picture is skewed... but I like your line...

    "So far, I really like it."

    That counts for a lot.

  4. Hi Deedee,
    I'm loving the picture you opened your post wit. I think it is so cool that you're girl is doing so well on her own. That says so much about the way she was raised. I'm sure you are very proud of her.
    I'm happy that you are back to work, but it certainly is strange how the more productive we try to be the more we are penalized for it.
    Good luck on the other job. Government jobs have such great pensions and retirement packages. I'm sure grateful for my husband's benifits. He could retire now at 55 but I think he'll hang on a little longer.

  5. Good to hear all your news Deedee and the picture is stunning! I hope your daughter settles well into her new home and that something good comes along soon for your son.

    Yes, like Jo said, it's the same here in the UK. My hubby was off work through illness for quite a long time, but we always managed to put away some savings. Now that he's recovered and back to work, we never have anything left over!

    Good luck to you with whatever happens in the near future regarding job choices. :)

  6. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm captivated by that photo. It reminds me so much of a park in Victoria, BC I visited a few years ago and saw, for the first time ever, those glorious fall colors. I hope you continue to enjoy your job and that things work out for your son.

  7. I can't take credit for the picture, it was included in an email I got a while ago with a lot of nature photos and I liked it so much I saved it. It really is beautiful.

  8. Best wishes with the job hunt (the other job, that is.) Hope things pick up for your son, too, Deedee.


  9. Good luck in whatever the future holds, Deedee. You know, I may have been absent from blogland this summer, but I've meanwhile been praying for you about once a week that you will become a writer!

  10. O GOod luck keeping my fingers crossed for you Be sure to tell when you get the approval

  11. I'm so glad you like the new gig, so far....altho the ins. and money thing - um, yeah, let's reform this system! I'm so glad you are back on the blog!

  12. keeping my fingers crossed with the job hunt. LOVE your autumn colors picture at the top of this post. It has been a while since I have been by to visit, the busy summer keeping away from all the fun things on the computer. Hope all is well there.