Friday, July 17, 2009

Postcards from the Island

Before I end this chronicle of my recent trip to Block Island, I wanted to share a few picture postcards that I picked up there. These beautiful scenes really capture the feel of the place.

This first one below is the view of Old Harbor you would get as you entered on a boat heading for the docks. The big Victorian Hotel on the right is The National.

Photo by Olya Evanitsky
©KW Cards 2004

This is the Old Southeast Light that sits on Mohegan Bluffs, site of a long-ago indian massacre.

photo by K.C.Perry

And North light, which sits at the northern-most tip of the island, just across Narragansett Bay from the fishing village of Galilee on Point Judith. This lighthouse was recently restored and it overlooks a seagull rookery.

photo by K.C.Perry

A typical view from the shore, looking out to sea.

photo by K.C. Perry

This view is from a hill overlooking the Great Salt Pond, with Old Harbor and The National Hotel in the distance and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

photo by Robert M. Downie

So its goodbye for now to Manisses, island of the little god. There are many more island stories to tell and I will journey back again in the future.


  1. Hi Deedee, hope all is sunny with you. I am loving having some time to myself and my dear computer this afternoon and thought I would drop by. Glad that I did, as I loved seeing those postcards and a good idea of where you have been. What a delightful place! It seems ages since I have been any place new. Congrats on your anniversary this month also!! It IS great to know that someone is there for us, and inspite of all the years and the changes in life and ourselves, the connection is still strong! Have a good weekend. thinking of you, Debby

  2. Hi Deedee,
    A trip to this island would be Heaven to me. The postcards are just breathtaking. I do hope you are able to go again soon.
    Smiles, June

  3. Always thanks for the informative journey you take us the lighthouses!

  4. Welcome home. Sometimes a trip out of town gives us new eyes to see our usually setting a bit differently, and often with more appreciation and interest. Hope it works that way for you.

    Thanks for sharing your trip.


  5. I can just never get enough of Islands and their idiosyncrasies. Thanks for the journey.

  6. Lovely. Do they still have that little tea shop run by teenage girls behind the big white hotel?

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  8. Thanks all for stopping by!
    Susan: I think it's a smoothie shop now.

  9. Beautiful pictures. I wish to visit these places someday.

  10. The pictures look like a scounting for a film from the english fields in t he ninteen hundereds. They are beautiful scenes.