Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cats in Love

My Catboy is in love...with a piece of luggage. I caught him wooing the object of his affection this morning when he thought no one was around. I returned from a short trip to the Berkshires last night and left my Sportsac weekender, still packed, in the kitchen. This morning I found him embracing it with his entire body, both paws entwined in the shoulder strap, while ardently rubbing his face all over it and drooling.

My attention had disturbed him, though, and by the time I could get to my camera, the moment had passed.

I've seen him do this before to various other objects; usually a jacket, a pair of boots, or some other clothing item. Sometimes I suspect that he's marking my belongings with his facial glands to infer his ownership of me, but I'm not sure about this.

Occasionally, he stops suddenly and makes that funny grimace that tells me he is accessing the organ in the roof of his mouth that fine tunes his sense of smell. I've read that this response may be used when cats detect an odor that they interpret as sexual in nature.

If that's true, then something must have shifted after he was neutered as a kitten, because apparently, leather, flannel and ripstop nylon really turn him on!


  1. Oh thats too funny! I'm babysitting my son's beagle this week and I caught her in the yard rolling about on a dead bird. What's with these animals? I almost lost my little guy Mondo with a collapsed trachea while up at the lake - scared me silly. Couldn't imagine a day without him!

  2. One of our dogs is in love with my handbag and the vacuum cleaner! I suppose they have their reasons. lol

  3. Catboy is such a CAT!! It's funny what they feel they must have. Milo loves to steal candy(especialy Nips) out of any purse I'm foolish enough to leave open!

  4. leather, flannel and nylon, ripstop or not turn me on....of course i'm old....heeheee, jc

  5. One of my cats (Chip) was enamored with my hand for 15 minutes today after I spent an hour trimming a creeping fig vine. His face, his teeth, the top of his head, along with a few licks. He's an indoor cat: he doesn't get out much. (Not at all if we can help it.)


  6. One of our cats loves my slippers - how gross is that! Luggage is infinitely preferable.

  7. I am a lover of cats. In fact, I have 3. One of them looks like your Catboy. We call him Spy. These lovely creatures never fail to amuse us of their antics. They always say that with dogs, men are the masters. With cats, we are the slaves. They own us.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Our cats love to climb onto piles of laundry waiting to be washed. They purr loudly and make muffins before rolling their faces in them. I'm thinking they are responding to the pheromones we give off in our sweat, which ends up on the dirty clothes.

    They aren't as interested in us right after we've bathed, either. Guess we don't smell like us when we're clean.