Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

This is my daughter when she was just two years old. She just celebrated her twenty third birthday... How time goes by! As you can plainly see, she was a star even at that tender age.

Last evening, we went to a nice restaurant a few towns over and met with Mac's little sister for a birthday dinner. The three of us all have birthdays that fall within 12 days of each other, so we celebrated together. The food was excellent, and we even split a decadent dessert (The diet starts tomorrow...honest).
Happy Birthday, bunny!


  1. What a cutie! My daughters birthday is next week - 25th - and I have a picture so similar with her posing like that too! Happy happy to her, and to hit the gym you dessert lady! :) ah yeah, and I'm tearing apart my kitchen cabinet for the lone Dove bar I know is in there and I'm having a chocolate attack..........see ya in the gym in the morning!

  2. Hi Deedee, What a little beauty queen. Love that pose. Happy B-day to your sweetie.
    Hugs, June

  3. Awwww, she's lovely! Our daughter's birthday is in May also. She'll be 12 going on 25! lol Your evening sounds perfect. I like going out for meals.

  4. hard to believe all that time has passed. i remember those days....they were the best. happy birthday to the gang of, jack c

  5. Dear Deedee, Congratulations to all three. And good luck with the diet.

    Best wishes,

  6. So precious and what an enticing little miss! It's great to have so much to celebrate! Many more!!!

  7. Thanks for dropping by Pondside.
    Good luck with the diet and job search - neither one is much fun, I know. I had a good time reading some of your past posts - you've had quite a year.