Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EMFs...What the Heck?

I’ve been thinking a lot about EMFs- Electro-magnetic fields. It seems that a lot of the shows I’ve been watching on television, and many articles I’ve read lately refer to them. I’m not scientifically inclined and don’t pretend to know anything about this phenomenon, but it seems to play a part in every strange and unexplainable happening. Paranormal researchers use EMF detectors as they investigate hauntings, and UFO documentaries almost always mention them. Whatever else they do, they seem to precipitate weird events.

I became aware of the existence of EMFs some twenty odd years ago. Around that time, a friend of mine experienced a string of very strange incidents. The things that she told me may, or may not have had something to do with EMFs. I have no idea, but it’s an interesting story and something to ponder.

Lana was given a lot of land adjacent to the high tension electrical wires that run through a nearby town. She had a nice little home built there, on the edge of the woods. The house was a pleasing design, and the yard was nice and green. It was lovely, except for the presence of the steel towers and the constantly humming wires they supported looming nearby. She said she didn’t mind the high tension wires, but was a little concerned because she had heard about vague health threats associated with them. Lana had a small daughter, and hoped her child’s safety and well-being would not be jeopardized in anyway.

After they had lived in their new home for a few years, Lana confided that she could not seem to keep fish. She had a gorgeous aquarium in the living room, but the fish were constantly dying for no apparent reason. She had taken water samples for analysis and tried all sorts of remedies, to no avail. She eventually gave up and stopped buying new fish.

Around this time Lana noticed that there seemed to be a sort of vibration in the walls inside her house, and she assumed it was caused by an electro-magnetic field produced by the wires. She was concerned, but neither she, nor her child seemed to be suffering any ill effects. Then one evening she and her daughter were coming home, driving up the long driveway, when they noticed a strange, bluish glow in the front yard. As they got closer, they were surprised to see that the light seemed to be in the shape of a cube. She said that an opaque, glowing, blue cube was sitting in front of their house. How weird is that? Even weirder is the fact that they remarked about it to each other as they got out of the car , “Hey look at that blue cube… that’s really strange…”, before turning and walking calmly into the house and promptly forgetting about it until the next morning. Lana was shaken the following day, thinking about it and wondering what the heck she saw and why she didn’t examine it more closely. Her daughter also remembered seeing it, and described it exactly the same way.

Then there was the lost weekend. On a Friday afternoon, after her daughter left to spend time with her father, Lana laid down to rest. She was awakened suddenly by pounding on her back door. She was confused when she opened the door and saw her ex and her daughter standing there and asked why they had come back. It was Sunday evening, their weekend visit was over and Jim had brought the girl back home. Lana had apparently slept through the entire weekend.

Things got even stranger when her boyfriend Carl moved in. She related tales of her nightstand shaking violently in the middle of the night, the water sloshing out of a glass she had left on top of it. She told me of her abject terror when strange lights appeared outside her windows, and seemed to flow like liquid down under the window shades to pool on the floor beneath. During these incidents, Carl could not be woken up, no matter how hard she shook him.

She had no explanation for any of this, and I could sense her fear and reluctance to even talk about it. I believe she experienced something, but I have no clue what it was. The stories Lana related reminded me of things I have read concerning UFOs and paranormal phenomena. She felt it all was somehow connected to those high tension wires.

Lana sold her home and moved away when she remarried a few years ago. I often wonder if the new owners have experienced anything odd since moving in. I guess I will probably never know.


  1. What a good ghost story, or whatever is being conjured. The speculation can go on and on..blue cubes, light sliding under window shades, sleeping through time! Very Twilight Zone..and I do believe, as you know. Thank you so much for the chills!!

  2. Ooooo, I love reading about things like this. Maybe the fact that they can't be explained makes it all the more fascinating.

  3. I find this stuff fascinating and a little creepy all at the same time. Does that make sense?? I love to read about it but I don't know if I wanna see or feel it around me.
    Hope you are well girl and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. strange days indeed.......more unexplained weirdness. of course the utility companies will tell you different. good post, jack c

  5. I think you need to take the mental circuitry of the person into account. I am going to assume some are more "open" to the possibility than others & those people who have a higher likelyhood of having the experience.

    I left you an rather long answer to your medical consulting question on my blog's comments :-), because I did not have your email address. ~Mary

  6. Strange story, Deedee, anyway, she moved!
    Best wishes,

  7. I have heard that living near the electromagnetic fields of these electrical wires can cause leukemia and breast cancer. There is more than just anecdotal evidence to support this.

    I don't look at your friend's story as a "ghost" story at all, but one that is based in scientific fact. Man is not meant to live near electromagnetic fields like that. In fact, people are discouraged from using electric blankets.

    Studies have shown that populations located close to high voltage lines have an abnormally large number of leukemia, lymphoma or other cancer cases. It's large enough that your government did a huge study around the subject, and the conclusion was that the numbers were too high to say they were coincidental.

  8. Hi Lyn - Yes, some odd things happen. This stuff fascinates me as you can tell.

    Hi Lesley - There are sure a lot of mysteries left in the world.

    Hi Reggie - I know what you mean, I like watching shows about it and reading about it, but it's pretty terrifying to experience. I'm doing okay & hope you are too...be well.

    Hi Jack - Yeah, wonder how much more they know and don't share with us, huh?

    Hi Mary - I agree- certain people are definitely more sensitive and probably have more of this type of experience.

    Hi Rosana - Yes, she did and as far as I know, has not had anything else happen like this.

    Hi Jo - Yes, I have heard of these studies. Strange that our government would still allow building homes practically underneath them, isn't it? I gave up my electric blanket years ago because of it, and try not to have my cell phone too close to my bed at night. Hope I don't see any blue cubes in MY yard.

  9. P.S. to Mary - Thanks for the explanation. It seems every field I am interested in requires a degree and a lot of experience which I don't have. It sounds like a rewarding and interesting line of work.

  10. I've heard of stories like this too, yet still see home developments in very close proximity to high tension wires, some practically in their back yards. I don't think I could ever buy such a house myself, why take chances?

  11. Hi Deedee,
    Just a year ago it was proposed to put one of these huge lines just on the outskirts of our little town. There was a lot of opposition and the line is being moved farther out into the desert. Thank goodness. I definitly worry about these magnetic fields.

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  13. Hi Deedee

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog
    So here I am reading your most recent posts, contemplating sunsets and catbirds, and what I might have to say...

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