Friday, April 10, 2009

Peace and Love To You

Here we are. It's Passover, and the first weekend after the full moon. According to ancient tradition, this Sunday I will celebrate Easter. This is a holiday of hope, renewal and rebirth, a time to honor the magic and mystery of the universe. For me, it is a celebration of life, of the rising from the dead, of life eternal, for energy never dies, it is only transformed. The darkness of winter surrenders to the bright spring. Light triumphs over darkness. So shall it ever be.

Whatever your beliefs, have a wonderful weekend. Celebrate the season of life and rebirth.


  1. it's amazing how long these ancient traditions have's what keeps us as a people going, its all we have sometimes.....have agreat easter deedee, love from jc

  2. deedee can't help but think as stare out the window at the eternal northwest gray that the easter tradition of rebirth doesn't fit here with nature.
    dark and rain dominate till july most times and these then are the good years the cold water supporting more life than warm.[it's the oxygen and algae blooms] the rebirth happens late summer with the return of the salmon[or not, at least lately]what should keep us going as a people, the return of god's bounty, his gifting to the region
    has been lost to fertilized lawns decorated in easter eggs.what i do appreciate though is your spirit in spite of your circumstance,it's refreshing.peace,coyote in search of his eyes

  3. Deedee, may your Easter be filled with the joy and wonder of this time... I send you love and hugs my friend, Vxx

  4. Rebirth and the wonders of the Universe. That's what it is all about.

    Have a blessed weekend filled with joy,


  5. I celebrate Solstice for my "rebirth" time, about as historical as it gets. Whatever the date celebrated, I wish joy, renewal and love!

  6. Blessings to you and all your family this Easter. I love this season. This renewal of the earth.

  7. OH I love how you see things, just like I do, have a happy Easter and beginning of spring. Fiona

  8. How beautiful Deedee.....Our pastor spoke on Passover today in church and it's significance in relevance to today. It was a great sermon.
    I hope that you, your's and Rigby the cutie had a spectacular Easter and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  9. Jack - Hope your Easter was fine too!

    Coyote - Yeah, dark weather can sure get you down. I myself suffer from seasonal depression and I don't think I could survive living in the northwest. Here's hoping you get some sunshine soon. Thanks for coming by.

    Veronica - Thanks so much. I hope your Easter was wonderful!

    Phil - Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great spring!

    Suzen - I celebrate the solstices and equinoxes too! All the best to you!

    June - Thank you, same to you and yours. Enjoy!

    Fiona - Thank you, looking forward to watching everything grow!

    Reggie - Thaks, Reggie - Here's wishing you health and wholeness in this season of renewal!

  10. Being a springtime baby, I have no resistance to hope, renewal,and's in my DNA! Enjoy all of spring!!

  11. Lyn - You too...Happy Birthday!