Monday, April 13, 2009

Come With Me On My Walk

Hi, my name is Rigby. Wanna come on my walk with me? I'll show you around. Get your leash on and follow me!

These are some flowers in my yard.

I was trying to smell 'em, but they don't seem to have much smell.

Let's go down by the river, okay? This is the Charles River near my house.

Here's the brook that flows into the river. There's some ducks out in the middle.

This is a stone railroad bridge, but my friend Deedee says the trains have been gone for a real long time now.

This is me, checking out the brook. This part is where the muskrats live.

These are fairy houses. I've never seen the fairies, but I can tell this is where they live. It's a little ways down the street from my house.

Here's some more of those yellow flowers. These ones are a little different, but they still don't smell too much. My friend Deedee calls 'em daffydills.

Here's some blue flowers. They don't seem to have much smell either, but they're pretty.

Here we are back home again in my yard. Whew, I'm tired now. I'm gonna go in and have some cookies and a big drink. Thanks for comin' on my walk with me.


  1. A wonderful walk with a darling doggie. Beautiful place you live in.
    Hugs, June

  2. Fantastic Deedee - you certainly live in a beautiful part of the world with a very beautiful little dog. Hugs to you and to Rigby, Vxx

  3. What a wonderfully sweet adventure you've allowed us to take with the "Wonderfully Sweetest"! I'm gonna find me some vacation time and come stay in one of those dear, little fairy houses! Like Billy Ray Cyrus would say, "Thanks for the "tur"! (My daughter and I just saw the new Hannah Montana Movie, so "pop's" fresh in my mind. P.S. It was a darn good movie-- seriously, no kidding!)

  4. Rigby, thanks for the tour de'nose: if dogs has invented science, then chemistry would be queen of the sciences. Betcha you like sniffing those places where muskrats crawl out on the bank!

  5. Hello Deedee and Rigby - I like the shot of Rigby and the reflected tree in the brook. I'm happy to go walking with Rigby anytime.

  6. Well, aren't you lucky to have such a beautiful path to walk along. I wanted to stop at the fairy house, because I saw one, at the window!
    Rigby, I'll walk with you anytime...