Monday, January 26, 2009

I Didn't Expect This...

I always imagined that I would be bored if I had no job to go to each day. In the first few days immediately after I was laid off I was anxious and gloomy, full of dread. After a day or two spent handling technicalities, ie: applying for unemployment compensation, cancelling any non-essential services, (bye bye manicures, salon color & haircuts, IRA contributions and life insurance policies!), I thought my days would be long and empty. An amazing thing has happened, though... the days are flying by and are full of interesting pastimes. I have been making jewelry, writing, drawing and walking outside every day. I wish I owned a decent camera because I see so many incredible pictures in nature every day. I'm planning on sewing some clothes even though I have not touched a machine in over 20 years. I spend time playing with Rigby and I have lost ten pounds because my butt isn't glued to an office chair all day. I stay up as late as I want, and I sleep as late as I want. I have been sleeping through when I was used to waking three or four times each night. I have found all these fascinating blogs that I look forward to reading each day. I feel no stress. I actually have time to exercise and most importantly, time to think!
There are the obvious problems of having no money and no health insurance,(and those are big ones, believe me), but strangely enough, I am sort of loving this new lifestyle.
The company I had been with for the past seven years told me that the plan was to hire me and the others back as soon as the economy perked up and sales kicked in again. On the day I was cut adrift, my biggest fear was that they would not hire me back quickly. Today, my biggest fear is that they will...


  1. Nice Blog Deedee! I too was recently laid off work. It was sad to say goodbye to my friends there, but I'm so glad it happened! I now have the opportunity to work from home and grow our home business so I NEVER have to work for anyone ever again! The corporate world is so stressful and busy! It's all about work work work...and I felt like I spent more time with my co-workers than I did with my own husband! Look foward to getting to know you better my fellow unemployment friend!

  2. Thanks, Carrie! I'm not sure what will happen but it's nice to have this change of pace. I'm realy wishing I too could become self-employed so I would'nt have to be at some company's mercy.
    Who knows, maybe it will happen. Glad you stopped by!

  3. Nicely said! Before a few years ago, I had worked two jobs for much of twenty years. Once I got out of that cycle, I noticed that I felt less like a robot. And every single day does fly by! This time won't last forever, but I'm also truly enjoying it while it lasts :)

  4. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass
    It's about learning to dance in the rain.

  5. Thank you, Leigh- that's so true!

    Cam - I know what you mean about the robot thing. My own analogy was a hamster on a wheel. I too have decided to enjoy it to the extent that I can!