Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

What an extraordinary day today was. Just to see the people, the surging throngs of people filling the streets of Washington, DC. Women and men of every description and from every walk of life, all ages, all races standing shoulder to shoulder together in the cold, laughing, screaming and crying was thrilling. A million flags waved excitedly as far as the eye could see. Who could help feeling a jolt of joy and renewed patriotism?

Our new leader offers hope more than anything else. After years of war, fear and mistrust, we are ready for peace, ready for truth, ready for leadership.

Now comes the hard part, undoing all the missteps of the past eight years and restoring the trust and confidence that a people must have in their government.
Ahead is the hard work of bringing our economy back to life and reinforcing the sense of inclusion and possibility that so many of us have just begun to feel. It won't be fast or easy, but I do believe it can happen now.

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