Sunday, January 18, 2009

Diggin' On Rigby

Rigby is possibly the world's cutest dog. Okay, I'd probably also say that about any one of a thousand dogs, but she's mine. She's a schnauzer-cattle dog mutt, but most people think she's some kind of terrier, or a strange new breed.

I have read that Schnauzers are related to Terriers. I've heard they were bred for the same purpose; hunting and catching small mammals like rats. Rigby has a hard time restraining herself from jumping on the cats and shaking them to smithereens, but she's a good dog and I have told her not to, so she hasn't. She eyes them constantly and when she gets jealous she will run over and push her nose into their sides, warning them off.

Rigby likes everyone and her one big flaw is her determination to jump up and embrace every person she meets. Despite passing obedience class with flying colors, she cannot seem to resist the impulse to do this.

At the end of each day, Rigby signals to the world that her pack has come home by singing loudly; "Arroo rooooooo, Rrroo!".

Rigby knows there are rabbits in the yard and her dearest wish is to find them and catch them. She sniffs out their trails each day, her nose to the ground as she races around in twisting patterns. Sometimes she sees deer in the back woods and warns them with a loud bark not come into the yard, so they wait until she goes inside. The gray and red squirrels chastise her in chattering tones and mock her because she can't climb trees. Rigby bides her time. Someday they might regret it!

Rigby likes to sleep with her people on the big bed, right in the middle. When Rigby wants us to wake up and play with her, she licks our faces until we do. Rigby is loved.


  1. Hey there Deedee,
    I really appreciate the nice comment you left me! I enjoy your blog as well its so cute, and upbeat! I love your perspective and awesome personality, it definatly radiates throughout your page. Can't wait to keep reading!


  2. Thanks, Lionsandme! I'm going to follow your blog too. I need to figure out how to be an official follower. Looking forward to it!

  3. I read this claim about the "world's cutest dog" and had to check her out. One look at the pic and I'm convinced--I'm a dog lover and have known many, but when it comes to "cutest" RigbyTheDog is right there!

  4. Thanks, Eco. We got snubbed at the pet store today by a yuppie woman and her luxurious golden retriever, but I'd take Rigs or Roly any day of the week.

  5. She is georgeous :-)